Love on A Paper Napkin

love on a paper napkin by marviiilousWe were at a cafe at an airport in Indonesia, waiting the flight that would take him back to Arkansas, when he asked me how to say I love you in Indonesian. I wrote the words down on a paper napkin. It was in 2010, and we were still dating.

I totally forgot about the napkin until we’re married a year later and he showed it to me. I was so surprised to know he’s still been keeping it.  Such a memorable and priceless paper napkin for us  🙂

Southern Alliance Wrestling

I and Da man (a.k.a.  my hubby) went to Fort Smith Event Center on Saturday night (8/4/2012) to watch 8 matches of Southern Alliance Wrestling. It’s curiosity that brought me to this event 😉  Some of the wrestlers are not professional ones, but they all were great entertainers. And I found out that it was not the matches that amazed me. It was the crowd! From kids to seniors, they were riled up either in cheers or boos. Oh my God! I think they took this thing way too seriously 🙂  

Here are 3 shots of SAW.

one sparkling night

the fireworks show was started at 9.30pm on Wednesday night in Harry E. Kelley Park . the crowd crammed chairs and blankets on the park lawn and enjoyed live music before the fireworks show started.