An Old Stone Storehouse

It’s known as Commissary Depot or Quartermaster’s Storehouse, part of National Historic Site. In 1850’s the the first floor of the building held supplies used by explorers and soldiers while the second floor served as an office for Federal Judge Isaac C. Parker. 

The inside of the first floor is as yesterday’s post.

it’s like the night and the morning

and the sleeping and the waking,

and the rain and the harvest,

one goes and the other comes,

and we know nothing how nor where     -Silas Marner, a novel by George Eliot  aka Mary Ann Evans


the house of Moody

@ Galveston, Texas.

this 32-room mansion was bought by William Lewis Moody Jr from the family of the widow of grocery merchant Richard Willis six days after the great hurricane of 1900. he lived in this house with his wife Libbie Rice Shearn and their four children. they were one of Texas’s most powerful families. their business included banking, ranching, insurance and hotels.
Mr. Moody Jr who was proclaimed by TIME magazine as one of the 10 wealthiest men in the country died in 1954.

his daughter, Mary Moody Northen lived here until this mansion was damaged (again) by hurricane Alicia in 1983. she died in 1986

this 20-room (after restoration) mansion is carried on today by the Moody Foundation and the Mary Moody Northen, Incorporated, with the intent of carrying out her wishes to use it as a memorial to her family and a museum for Galveston.