GMC Blue Bird Bus #4

GMC blue bird bus by marviiilous

 I saw this pretty old blue bus on Sunday morning a few weeks ago when it’s full of children passing our car in the opposite direction so I didn’t have a chance to take its pictures.

Luckily, in the evening on the same day, we accidentally saw it again parked in the parking lot of  the Evangel Temple. Too bad, it was already dark and raining.  But …hey… this time, I knew where to find it  🙂

So here it is…

an old street car

a free ride on the Heritage Festival, April 14, 2012. #1

this is a restored single-truck Birney safety car operated by Fort Smith Trolley Museum. it runs on about 0.6 mile (1.0 km) of track.  its public operation began in 1991.

it was built in 1926 by the American Car Company for the Fort Smith Light & Traction Company, and ran in Fort Smith until the end of streetcar service there in 1933.