An Old Stone Storehouse

It’s known as¬†Commissary Depot or Quartermaster’s Storehouse,¬†part of National¬†Historic Site.¬†In 1850’s the¬†the first floor of the building¬†held¬†supplies used by explorers and soldiers while¬†the second floor served as an office for Federal Judge Isaac C. Parker.¬†

The inside of the first floor is as yesterday’s post.

Southern Alliance Wrestling

I and Da man (a.k.a.¬† my hubby) went to Fort Smith Event Center on Saturday night (8/4/2012) to watch 8 matches of Southern Alliance Wrestling.¬†It’s curiosity that brought me to this event ūüėȬ† Some of the wrestlers are not professional ones, but they all were great entertainers. And¬†I found out that it was¬†not the matches that¬†amazed me. It was the¬†crowd! From kids to seniors, they were riled up either in cheers or boos. Oh my God! I think they took this¬†thing way too seriously¬†ūüôā¬†¬†

Here are 3 shots of SAW.